Private Party

I’ll come over, prepare, cook and present the food. You sit back and enjoy your moments with friends and families.

Memorable – authentic cuisine, professionally prepared. Pique your guests’ interest.
Convenient – your own home, your dress code, your leisurely time
Entertaining – ever wondered what’s happening in the back kitchen?
Experience – the Thai culinary culture first hand. Learn, watch and enjoy!

I’ve included general format of banquet and indicative pricing (for four people).   You could pick any menu item from cooking lesson or from the catering page.

Feel free to drop me an email or a quick call (at 0422 896 544) and allow me to address any questions you may have, along with additional customization requests.


Light Banquet ($45 p.p.)

Mixed entree (x3)
Main (x2)
Desert (x1)


Feast Banquet ($60 p.p.)

Mixed entree (x4)
Main (x4)
Desert (x2)