About Ying


Sa Wa Dee Ka!

My most vivid memory growing up is being around the kitchen.  Not the kind of cute messing around, but witnessing the hard labor put in by my mum (and her mum before her) into their humble street-side eatery.  To me, it is inspiring: the passion, determination and drive both of these tough ladies demonstrated – they looked like they were having fun!

It was during this time that I cultivated my appreciation and respect for the genuine, sincere, authentic Thai cooking.  I have identified with a strong desire to teach and spread the joy of Thai cooking a la my predecessors.

Life carried me to Australia where I spent the last fifteen years teaching home-made Thai cuisines.  In 1997 I moved to Sydney and studied commercial cookery to broaden my culinary horizon.  In 2003, I started experimenting with running small catering business and have a regular set of around thirty regular clienteles.  In 2006, I began teaching hands-on cooking classes to share my passion and knowledge.

Teaching has been an incredible way to connect with and learn from others. My mission is to enlighten and spread the joy of cooking and eating Thai in its most authentic, sincere and down-to-earth nature, the way it is passed down for generations.

Hope to hear from you soon,