Authentic Thai Culinary Experience


Cooking Lesson: a Cultural, Culinary Experience

Food is the centerpiece of Thai culture, it’s humble yet holds together the fabric of society. Get familiar with Thai culture by learning to cook Thai food – I’ll share the knowledge and history of the dishes, you’ll learn a bit of culture and pick up a new skill, plus you get to eat delicious food.

Lunch or Dinner Party at Your Place

There’s no place like home. I’ll come and cook right in front of your guest, so you can relax, entertain your guests and have fun. I’ll make sure to bedazzle your guests with great food – and matching technique and presentation.

Catering for Your Function

The menu is designed to cover essential dishes of Thai cuisine: flavor and technique. At the ground roots of the menu is a desire to showcase authenticity, humble ingredients combined with traditional technique to deliver true Thai flavors.

Ying Thai Cooking Lessons

Will come to your kitchen.
Or gladly host at my humble abode.
Kellyville Ridge, NSW 2155
0422 896 544

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